WonderFest TV Season 2 Episode 4!


promo shot

WonderFestTV with Kat Leonard & Arlene Paculan premiered its first season on Rogers TV Cable 10 Mississauga in the Fall of 2015 with season 2 following Spring 2016!  WonderFest TV continues to showcase and celebrates various Wonder Women and Super Men who are in pursuit of a positive lifestyle as we explore topics of music, visual art, literature, spoken word, healthy self-esteem, fitness, nutrition, mental health, goal setting, business planning, finance and more. WonderFest TV is an entertaining launching pad to discuss ideas and illuminate resources that may inspire and enable viewers to educate themselves and take action toward their dreams and living a constructive way of life.  WonderFest TV: spreading empowerment right into the homes of viewers to boost confidence and creativity throughout the world, starting with Mississauga.

Segment 1: Kat Leonard and Arlene Paculan of WonderFest TV discuss the importance of being yourself and staying true to your own values.

Segment 2: THE iDENTiTY CRiSiS, singer-songwriter, rapper and producer, joins Kat Leonard and Arlene Paculan on WonderFest TV and gives a live performance!

Segment 3: Kat Leonard and Arlene Paculan interview Nia instructor Barbara Ades and do some Nia movement!

Segment 4: Arlene and Kat talk about goals and set a goal of the week!

Tune in to YouTube for previous episodes any time and check Rogers TV for local repeats and upcoming seasons. Thank you for watching!

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